Your question: When did India play with Pakistan?

The Indian and Pakistani flags
Teams India Pakistan
First meeting 16–19 October 1952 (Test) 1 October 1978 (ODI) 14 September 2007 (T20I)

When did India lost match with Pakistan?

The final of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy was played on 18 June 2017 between Pakistan and India at The Oval in London, to determine the winner of the eighth edition of the ICC Champions Trophy.

Who won the last bilateral series between India and Pakistan?

The last time the two teams played a bilateral series was in 2012/13 in which Pakistan defeat India on their soil 2-1 in a three-ODI series.

When did India won first test match in Pakistan?

The First Test was the first-ever Test for Pakistan and the second match resulted in Pakistan’s first Test victory. India won the series 2–1 with two Tests being drawn.

Pakistani cricket team in India in 1952–53.

Pakistan cricket team in India in 1952-53
Date 10 October 1952 – 24 December 1952
Location India
Result India won the 5-Test series 2-1-2

Why are Pakistan players banned from IPL?

Pakistani cricketers refused to play in the league when it was based in India as a result of a call from their government as the relationship between the neighbours soured. Although the IPL will now take place in South Africa, the organisers have not invited the Pakistani cricketers to reconsider their stance.

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How many times India lost to Pakistan?

The two sides have played a total of 199 times. Pakistan have won 86 matches compared to India’s 70 victories. In Test matches and ODIs Pakistan has won more matches than India, although India has won six of the eight T20 International between the two sides.

Why does Pakistan want Kashmir?

Historically, Pakistan believes that Kashmir was illegitimately ceded to India by a ruler who did not represent the people. Additionally, since a majority of the Muslim majority states went to Pakistan, they believe Kashmir should belong to them. However, Kashmir is also important to Pakistan for strategic reasons[17].

Did Pakistan defeat India in war?

Much of the war was fought by the countries’ land forces in Kashmir and along the border between India and Pakistan.

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Date August – 23 September 1965
Territorial changes No territorial changes

Can India beat Pakistan in war?

But for that, India had to have a decisive, deterrent conventional edge over Pakistan. If that is built in the years to come, it might even be possible to defeat Pakistan in less than a week. You could even win with deterrence, without fighting. Not, of course, if you are still flying MiG-21s.

Who won most matches against India?

West Indies– 63 Against India

West Indies have defeated India in 63 ODIs and lost 64. There were 2 tied games while 4 matches with no results. With 63 wins in ODIs, West Indies has a win percentage of 49.61 against India.

Has Pakistan beat India in World Cup?

This day last year, India defeated Pakistan for 7th time in ODI World Cup. It was on June 16, 2019, when star cricketer Rohit Sharma’s gutsy knock of 140 runs in just 113 balls guided India yet another victory over Pakistan in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup at the Old Trafford in Manchester.

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Why do Pakistan not play cricket at home?

From 2009 to 2019 Pakistan was unable to host international matches in Pakistan after the terror attack on the touring Sri Lanka cricket team. This decade led to little or no international cricket taking place in Pakistan and Pakistan played its home series in the UAE (specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

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