Your question: How do I complain to Mumbai RTO?

Mumbai Police on Twitter: “RTO helpline number is 1800-220-110 or share the details of your complaint here :… ”

Where can I file a complaint against a rickshaw driver in Mumbai?

Said Saindane: “We already have a tollfree helpline 1800-22-0110 for lodging complaints against tampered meters, fleecing or overcharging, drivers not behaving properly with commuters or refusing to ply.” The app is in addition to this helpline.” He added that the app will be applicable to RTOs across the state.

Can you complain about a taxi driver?

If you see or hear of any inappropriate driver behaviour, you can report it by calling our customer complaint line on 0343 222 4000, emailing, or filling in theonline complaints form. If you feel a customer may be in immediate danger, call 999.

Can taxi driver refuses passenger India?

At present, taxi drivers are fined Rs 200 and autorickshaw drivers have to pay Rs 100 as penalty if caught refusing a passenger. The proposal is to first suspend the licence of an erring driver. If a driver is found to be a repeat offender, his driving permit will be cancelled by the authorities.

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How do I file a complaint against auto rickshaw in Delhi?

5 Ways to Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

  1. Phone: Call on Traffic Police Helpline Number: 011-25844444 or 1095.
  2. SMS: SMS <REF or OVC or MIS vehicle number location time> to 56767. …
  3. Facebook: Complaint at Delhi Traffic Police Facebook Page.

How do you complain about a taxi firm?

Complaining about taxis

For taxis, report your complaint directly to either Transport for London (for taxis in London) or your local authority (for taxis outside of London).

How do I complain about a bus driver?

They can do so via the police website or on TfL’s online complaints service which allows customers to attach supporting information can also contact the TfL call centre.

Who regulates London taxi business?

The Public Carriage Office (PCO), which regulates and licenses taxis and private hire (commonly known as minicabs) was transferred from the Metropolitan Police to become part of Transport for London in 2000.” In 2015, there were around 298,000 licensed drivers in England, of which 164,000 were private hire licences, …

Can taxi driver refuses passenger?

Taxi drivers are within their rights to refuse a fair – but only if they have a “reasonable excuse” or the passenger wants to travel outside of the controlled district. … Taxi journeys that start and end in the area where that driver is licensed (controlled district) cannot be refused without reasonable excuse.

What is wrong with Challan?

Once you get fined by the traffic police, you’ll get an SMS on your registered mobile number with the offence details. You can then choose to either the pay the fine or challenge the fine and plead guilty. A wrong challan can be challenged virtually, directly from the web portal instead of going to the court.

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Where can I complain to Delhi traffic police?

Sir, You may complain against TSR through Delhi Traffic Police Facebook, Whatsapp (No. 8750871493) and Helpline No. 011-25844444 with date, time, place of occurrence and registration number of the TSR. Action will be taken against such TSR.

How can I lodge a complaint against auto rickshaw in Bangalore?

1. Complaints can be lodged directly to the Bangalore Traffic Police on

  1. Complaints can be lodged directly to the Bangalore Traffic Police on.
  3. 080-25588444(IVRS facility)
  4. 080-25588555(IVRS facility)
  5. 080-22943381(for up to 6pm)
  6. Or write to,
  7. Address:
  8. The Automation Enforcement Centre.
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