Why engineers are jobless in India Quora?

Are engineers really jobless in India?

How many are unemployed engineers in India? Economics Times points out that 20-33% out of the 1.5 million jobless engineers in India are passing out every year to run the risk of not getting a job at all.

Why engineers are jobless in India?


TOO MANY ENGINEERS: There are only so many new jobs being created every year. The number of new engineers is far higher. LACK OF EXPOSURE: Most Indian engineering colleges provide no or very bad internship opportunities. … Engineers have to think.

Why Indian engineers are jobless Quora?

The main reason why engineers are jobless because our today’s society is such like that they see engineer with respect and fame. They think that an engineer can fetch you proper money and respect.

Is it true that engineers are unemployed?

This obviously reflects in the employability of the engineers — of more than 1.5 million engineers who graduate each year 80% are unemployed and close to 45% can be made employable with the right intervention.

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Are IIT engineers jobless?

Yes it is true, 15–20%(or even more) do not get job during campus placement. There will be always some students who doesn’t fit in the crowd. It is mainly due to low CPI, poor communication and management skills. Some people really do not have interest in engineering but as they had cleared JEE so they are in race.

Are doctors jobless in India?

Kottayam: It has come to light that a large majority of medical professionals in the country are currently unemployed. In a survey conducted by the Indian Institute of Public Health, it was found that 20 percent doctors and 30 percent nurses are not working in the health sector.

Why engineers are jobless in Pakistan?

Due to a weak economy, Pakistan could not manage to start new projects that could have accommodated engineers. The existing industries and facilities also suffered due to the economic crisis. As a result, no new job opportunities were created for engineers.

Which country has most engineers?

Let’s have a look on top 10 countries that produce the most engineers.

Countries No. of Engineering Graduates (approx)

Russian Federation 454,436
United States 237,826
Iran 233,695
Japan 168,214
South Korea 147,858

How many engineers get job in India?

According to industry estimates, 15 lakh engineers graduate in India every year out of which only 2.5 lakh students land relevant jobs in technical domains.

Does engineering guarantee a job?

The answer to the above question depends upon various factors. Engineering degree from a reputed/premier institute will help you secure a good job. … According to some reports, a large portion of Indian engineering graduates are unemployable. It means that they lack industry-specific skills and knowledge.

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How many percent of engineers are unemployed?

Aspiring Minds- An employability assessment company released a survey in 2019 that said that 80 per cent of Indian engineers are unemployed for a job in the knowledge economy.

Why are engineers paid so little?

It is simply supply and demand. If the number of people allowed to do engineering work were cut by 80%, then they would be paid as much as, or more than, doctors.

Which engineering is hardest?

The 5 Hardest Engineering Major

  1. Electrical Engineering. Most people agree that electrical engineering is easily among the hardest majors. …
  2. Computer Engineering. …
  3. Aerospace Engineering. …
  4. Chemical Engineering. …
  5. Biomedical Engineering.

Do engineers get girlfriends?

Mind you, not only do they have girlfriends but I’m in good knowledge that engineers often have the most attractive girlfriends too. Myself and my engineering friends are testament to this.

How can I earn money after engineering?

Re: What should I do after B. Tech to earn money if I belong to a poor family?

  1. Indian Engineering Services examination.
  2. Intelligence Bureau ACIO exam.
  3. Railway Senior Engineering and Junior Engineer entrance exam.
  4. GATE exam for jobs in public sector enterprises.
  5. Banks exam like IBPS PO or SBI PO exam.
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