Which is the first super computer in India?

PARAM 8000, India’s 1st Giga-scale supercomputer in 1990.

Which is India’s super computer?

India’s newest and fastest supercomputer, PARAM-Siddhi AI, has been ranked 63rd in the Top500 list of most powerful supercomputers in the world.

How many supercomputers India have?

The two systems have been ranked 63rd and 146th, respectively, and remain the only two supercomputers from India in the latest list of TOP500 released on November 18. Two supercomputers from India — PARAM Siddhi-AI and Mihir — have made it to the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Who invented Apple 1?

Who is Father of Computer in India?

Rangaswamy Narasimhan (1926–2007) was an Indian computer and cognitive scientist, regarded by many as the father of computer science research in India.

Rangaswamy Narasimhan
Known for TIFRAC-the first Indian indigenous computer

What is bhatkar’s dream for India?

In 2000, the Government of India honoured him with Padma Shri. Bhatkar, a father of three, said he owed a lot to the city and it was his dream to see the city shine at international level as an education and IT hub.

Which country has supercomputer?

China currently dominates the list with 212 supercomputers, leading the second place (United States) by a record margin of 113. Ranked by performance the most powerful supercomputers are located in the US (669 petaFLOPS). Followed by Japan (594 petaFLOPS) and China (564 petaFLOPS).

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What is the cost of supercomputer?

Supercomputers built by NEC in-house usually carry price tags in the millions of dollars, with even lower-end models costing around $100,000.

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