Quick Answer: Can you speak Hindi in Chennai?

Can we speak Hindi in Chennai?

Hindi is used in Chennai but the key to peaceful life in Chennai is don’t insist on it. If someone can’t speak, he/she can’t speak.

Can we speak Hindi in Tamilnadu?

As of 2001 census, Tamil is spoken as the first language by 88.59% of the population followed by Telugu by 5.65 percent, Kannada by 2.68 percent, Urdu by 1.51 per cent, Hindi by 0.64 percent, Malayalam by 0.89 percent, Marathi by 0.1 percent and Saurashtra by 0.1 percent.

Is Hindi banned in Tamil Nadu?

The DMK won the 1967 assembly election and the Congress Party never managed to recapture power in the state since then. The Official Languages Act was eventually amended in 1967 by the Congress Government headed by Indira Gandhi to guarantee the indefinite use of Hindi and English as official languages.

Can Vikram speak Hindi?

Tamil superstar Vikram, who makes his Bollywood debut with Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, says he now speaks Hindi more fluently, thanks to the movie. Tamil superstar Vikram, who makes his Bollywood debut with Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, says he now speaks Hindi more fluently, thanks to the movie.

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Is Tamil harder than Hindi?

Tamil will be easier. … One thing to note is Written Tamil is different from Spoken Tamil but in Hindi’s case it’s not that different. So, spoken-Hindi will become somewhat easier if you read many Hindi texts.

Is Hindi spoken in Kanyakumari?

They are in fact the main languages of the western and northern territory of the district. The tourists who are taking a trip around the district don’t have to face language problems, since Hindi and English can also be used over here.

Do South Indians speak Urdu?

South India: TN: 70% of them speak tamil and rest urdu. AP: They speak urdu in a different dilect mixed with Telugu and same kind of Urdu is spoken in parts of karnataka. In coorg some section of muslims speak Duff..

Do you understand Tamil in Hindi?

Yes. There are many Tamilians who know Hindi too. Many workers and labours come from North India to work in different places of Tamilnadu including Chennai. They don’t know English, they are not even able to learn Tamil.

Do Tamils speak Hindi?

All Tamilians speaking Hindi are not conversant with the language; many mix a bit of Tamil, English and Hindi and are able to convey what they want to say. … “Many company bosses are from the north and they only speak Hindi. Unless you learn Hindi, it will be difficult to work under them,” said Karanth.

Is it compulsory to study Hindi?

The Indian government has revised a controversial draft bill to make Hindi a mandatory third language to be taught in schools across the country. … The state teaches only two languages – Tamil and English – in the government school curriculum, and the parties do not want a third language introduced at all.

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What is famous food in Chennai?

Street food of Chennai

  • Idli and Sambhar, a common dish in Chennai.
  • Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan.
  • Onion Tomato Uttapam.
  • Pongal with chutney,sambar,vada.
  • Vada sambar chutney.
  • Milagaai Bajji or Chilli Bhajji.
  • Biriyani.
  • Pista Kulfi.

Is Chennai good for North Indian?

Chennai is a wonderful city and a great place to live but many north Indians who go there to study or work, find it hard to adjust to the dramatic change in culture and language. … The truth is that Chennai is just like any other city of India.

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