Is UK size and Indian Size same?

Is UK size and Indian Size same. Yes, UK and Indian Shoe sizes are same. Therefore, whenever you are planning on buying a pair of shoes from an international brand, or you are shoe shopping outside India, you can look for UK shoe size to purchase shoes.

What is the difference between UK size and Indian size?

When it comes to comparing UK to Indian shoes sizes, they are exactly the same. In this case, an Indian shoe size 8 in UK would be, you guessed it, 8!

What is the UK size in India?

Womens Shoe Size Chart India Conversions

India UK US
6.5 6.5 8.5
7 7 9
7.5 7.5 9.5
8 8 10

What is the Indian size of UK 9?

US Shoe Size to Indian Shoe Size + Charts

US Shoe Size India Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
9 8.5 8.5
9.5 9 9
10 9.5 9.45
10.5 10 10

What is the size of UK 3 in India?

Women’s Shoe Sizes

US 5 EURO 35-36 UK/INDIA 3
US 5.5 EURO 36 UK/INDIA 3.5
US 6 EURO 36-37 UK/INDIA 4
US 6.5 EURO 37 UK/INDIA 4.5
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What size is 13 UK child?

International Children’s Shoe Size Conversion chart for US, UK and European sizes.

12 jnr 30.5
12 1/2 jnr 31 13
13 jnr 31.5 1
13 1/2 jnr 32

What size is a 6 in UK?

Womens Size Grid

UK Size European Shop your size
6 39 Shop UK Size 6 >
6.5 39.5 Shop UK Size 6.5 >
7 40 Shop UK Size 7 >
7.5 40.5 Shop UK Size 7.5 >

What is UK size 6 cm?

Men’s Size Conversions

Inches CM UK Sizes
9.25″ 23.5 5.5
9.5″ 24.1 6
9.625″ 24.4 6.5
9.75″ 24.8 7

What is UK in sandal size?

International Conversion Chart for Sandal Sizes

Women’s Sandal & Shoe Size International Conversion Chart
10 8 25.9 cm
10.5 8.5 26.2 cm
11 9 26.7 cm

How do I know my UK size?

1) FIND YOUR SHOE SIZE: Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the distance from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe (in mm). Use the table below to work out your UK shoe size. Remember to measure the length of both of your feet!

How do I choose my UK size?

Tips When Buying in UK Sizes

If you are a woman go for higher size than your US size when buying clothes. If you are a US 4, in UK size, you will be a UK 8. If you are a man, go for the same size when buying clothes. For example, a size US 30-32 is the same as a UK 30-32.

What is UK clothes size 10 in India?

All measurements in this chart are body measurements in inches and not garment measurements.


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UK / India EU US
38 8 6
39 9 7
40 10 8

How do I know my UK shoe size?

If you want to know your UK shoe size:

Your measured foot length + 1.5 cm is 29 cm. According to the formula, this gives you a result of 9.25. Round up to the next highest size, resulting in a UK shoe size of 9.5. Here, at Sioux, we state our sizes in UK half sizes.

What is the meaning of 10 UK size?

The US and UK methods for measuring length differ from one another in terms of men’s sizes by two sizes, i.e. the US size 10 is equivalent to the UK shoe size 8 (which corresponds to 42 in the French system).

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