How many TV viewers are there in India?

New Delhi: Around 210 million households in India now own a TV set, an increase of 6.9% from 197 million in 2018, according to latest estimates by TV monitoring agency BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) India. The number of TV viewers also increased 6.7%, reaching 892 million from 836 million in 2018.

What percentage of Indians have a TV?

Between 2001 and 2011, percentage of Indian household owning a television set increased from 31.6% (in 2001) to 47.2% (in 2011).

List of states and union territories of India by television ownership.

Number Overall
State India
Television ownership (%) (Census 2011) 47.2
Census (2001) 31.6

Which is the No 1 channel in India?

Leading TV channels in India 2021, by weekly viewership

During January 23 to January 29, 2021, STAR Utsav was the leading Indian television channel with over one billion viewership across India. Sun TV and STAR Plus came second and third respectively as the leading channels.

How many TV are sold each year in India?

Shipments of TVs in India grew 15% annually to reach the highest-ever 15 million units in 2019, according to the latest research from Counterpoint’s TV Tracker service. This growth is mainly driven by budget smart TVs with 32-inch TVs the leading segment and penetrating sub-US$150 price bands.

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How many TV users are there?

In 2019, the were nearly 26.8 million households in the United Kingdom (UK) that had televisions, a number that has continued to grow annually since 2014.

How many households are there in India in 2020?

The census data said that the total number of households in the country are 248.8 million of which 202.4 million are of Hindus, 31.2 million belong to Muslims, 6.3 million belong to Christians, 4.1 million of Sikhs and 1.9 million belong to Jains.

What percentage of homes have a TV?

Additionally, the percentage of total U.S. homes with televisions receiving traditional TV signals via over-the-air antenna, cable, DBS, Telco or via a broadband internet connection connected to a TV set is currently at 96.2%. That’s an increase of 0.1 percentage points from the 96.1% estimated last year for 2020.

What is the full form of TRP?

What is TRP and how it is calculated. TRP stands for Television Rating Point. TRP of any channel or programme depends upon the programme that is displayed. The TRP rate is one on which the TRP of a TV channel is calculated.

Why NDTV is not good?

Main reason for there low rating. This channel is also involved in money-laundering case. NDTV Have openly supported terrorist activity in Kashmir which is one of the many reasons they have lost their viewership.

How is TRP calculated?

Outside of television, TRPs are calculated using the denominator of the total target audience, and the numerator as the total impressions delivered to this audience x 100. (As in 1,000,000 impressions among the target audience ÷ 10,000,000 people in total in the target audience x 100 = 10 TRPs).

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Do Indian people watch TV?

The rapid growth of smartphones and internet in India aside, television remains a ubiquitous feature of most Indian households. But it’s a shared commodity in most homes. … The survey shows that a lot has changed in Indian viewing over the last two decades.

India is the second largest pay-TV market in the world in terms of subscribers after China and has more than doubled from 32% in 2001 to 66% in 2018.

How many people use smart TV in India?

We have grown with the market and sold over 5 million smart TVs,” he said. Nilakantan explained that India has over 200 million households, of which 170 million have a TV – 100 million of those are CRT TV and 70 million have a flat monitor. “Smart TV penetration is only 20 million.

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