Can a guinea pig survive in India?

Guinea pigs/ hamster teeth constantly grow and hence they need chew toys/ hay to keep them in control. Both of these are difficult to find in India. As an alternative, i give my pigs fresh grass and wood blocks (colored with edible paint).

How do you take care of a guinea pig in India?

Pick a roomy cage

Do not get a glass aquarium or a cage that has wired bottom. Guinea pigs have little feet that might get caught in the wired mesh. The cage should be easy to clean and well ventilated. Also, create a soft, 2-inch thick bedding for them with soft, non-edible items like hay or shredded newspaper.

How much does guinea pigs cost in India?

Guinea pigs are relatively inexpensive and cost between Rs. 1200-1500. Their food, accessories, cage and bedding can cost anywhere between Rs. 2500 – 4000.

At what temperature do guinea pigs die?

Temperature: Whereas you may hear that other pets can sometimes tolerate the cold; Guinea Pigs simply cannot, and when faced with an ill equipped hutch will genuinely freeze to death. Anything under 15 degrees is considered too cold for them and can increase the risk of stress, illness and death.

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Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals, and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, just to see if you’re edible! … Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feel under threat – they are their only means of defence.

Do guinea pigs stink?

Guinea pigs can indeed get smelly, but there are plenty of ways to reduce and improve their smell. Their odor is usually caused by poor health, insufficient cage maintenance, and improper care. In fact, more often than not, the cage rather than the guinea pig is responsible for the smell.

Can I buy 1 guinea pig?

Yes you CAN have only one guinea pig, but SHOULD you? Definitely no. Guinea pigs are social in nature. They tend to isolate themselves or show grief when their companion dies or is taken away.

Which is better guinea pig or hamster?

Typically, hamsters are far more temperamental than guinea pigs. And because they are smaller and more fragile to handle, they are more likely to nip or bite. If you have very young children in the house, a guinea pig is probably a better option.

Do guinea pigs die easily?

So, do guinea pigs die easily? No guinea pigs don’t die easily. When compared to many other small pet animals, guinea pigs have a longer average lifespan, which is between 4-8 years. Also, most unannounced and sudden guinea pig death reasons are easily avoidable with the correct care of your pet.

Do guinea pigs get cold easy?

Guinea pigs are susceptible to cold weather. It’s best to bring them inside the house in the fall or winter when you live in a cold climate or create a warm structure when temperatures dip below 60 °F (16 °C). … If you can‘t bring your guinea pigs indoors, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep them warm outside.

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Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him?

Whistling: Guinea pigs will often let out a high pitched squeal or whistle, and this noise means your furry friend is excited, perhaps about feeding time or playtime.

Why does my guinea pig lick then bite me?

A guinea pig may nibble on your hand as a reaction to fear or uncertainty. By nibbling on you, he is basically conveying the message that something is wrong. … If your guinea pig is particularly anxious or scared, that subtle nibble could escalate into something a little bit more painful — think a bite.

Why does my guinea pig stare at me?

Guinea pigs often stare at people because they want attention. Perhaps piggies need to be cuddled, pet, or you should bring them a toy. They behave this way if they’re used to being around humans and have bonded with their owners.

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