Your question: How can I sell my old rupees?

Can I sell old Indian currency?

Step 1: Open the homepage of websites where you want to sell your old note. You can visit Ebay, Click India etc. Step 2: For selling the note online in an auction, you have to click the photo of the currency note having 12345 or 123456 digits on it. Step 3: Register yourself as a seller on the bidding website.

How do I sell my old rupee notes?

If you possess any of these notes, you can visit the website of CoinBazzar and create an account by furnishing your details like name, e-mail id and complete address. You can then start selling the coins or notes on the website. You will have to put out the coin or note and the price you expect against it.

How do I sell my old 2 RS note?

Know how and where to sell the Rs 2 coin:

  1. First of all register yourself on Quickr as an online seller.
  2. Then click a photo of the rare and old Rs 2 coin and upload it on site.
  3. After uploading the photo, provide your details like address, mobile number, and email address, which will be verified by the website.
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Can we get money from old notes?

An old Rs 10 note in your piggy bank or wallet can fetch Rs 25,000 within a few minutes without going anywhere. The Coinbazzar website provides a platform to people having unique and old notes to sell it online and earn money. However, the Rs 10 note must have some features to fetch up to Rs 20,000.

How do I sell old paper money?

Try Popular Online Coins and Currency Auctions

There are a few large and popular online auctions to sell or consign old and rare currency. Contact some of these Auctions to appraise and possibly sell your US paper currency. Heritage Auctions, Great Collections and Stacks Bowers are examples of these auction houses.

What is the price of old 2 rupees note?

2 Rupees Tiger Note Value | Sell 2 rs note price 3 lakh.

What is the value of old 500 rupees note?

If you have an old Rs 500 note, then you can earn as much as Rs 10,000 without doing anything. The notes have become antique and rare now after over four years of demonetization.

Which Indian old coins are worth money?

Indian Old Coins

  • 1841 British East India Company 2 Annas Silver (M-132) …
  • 10 Paise | 1968 | KM# 26.2 | Coins. …
  • 3 Paise | 1971 | KM# 14.2 | Coins. …
  • 10 Paise | 1981 | KM 36 | Coins. …
  • 2 Rupees | 2003 | KM 307 | Coins. …
  • 1833 British India quarter Anna Old coin. …
  • 50 Paise | 1985 | KM 67.1 | Coins. …
  • 10 Rupees | 1970 | KM 186 | Coins.

Which is the most expensive coin in India?

The 7 most expensive coins of India

  • Jahangir ‘Wine Cup’ Gold Mohur ( USD 220,000 ) …
  • Jahangir ‘Zodiac’ Gold Mohur ( USD 150,000 ) …
  • Akbar ‘Ram-Siya’ silver half Rupee coin (USD 140,000) …
  • Nur Jahan Gold Mohur with Jahangir ( USD 90,000 ) …
  • Kanishka Buddha coin ( USD 125,000 )
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Every banknote issued by Reserve Bank of India (₹2, ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500 and ₹2000), unless withdrawn from circulation, shall be legal tender at any place in India in payment or on account for the amount expressed therein, and shall be guaranteed by the Central Government, subject to provisions of sub- …

What is the price of 10 paise coin?

coin is a former denomination of the Indian rupee. The 10 Paise coin equals 1⁄10 of a rupee.

How do I sell my old 1 rupee note on ebay?

You can follow these steps to sell old notes on

  1. Step 1: Visit the official website of eBay and log on to
  2. Step 2: Search and click on the registration tab that appears on the homepage. …
  3. Step 3: Then take a clear photo of the note and upload it on the platform.

Do banks take old notes?

At your bank

If you have a UK bank account, the simplest and quickest way to exchange your notes will normally be to deposit them with your bank. The Post Office Opens in a new window may also accept withdrawn notes as payment for goods and services, or as a deposit into any bank account you can access with them.

What can I do with old 500 notes now?

What should I do if I have currency in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes? You can deposit these notes into your bank accounts or they can be exchanged at bank branches till 30th December 2016.

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Do banks still take old notes?

Yes, you can continue to use paper £20 notes to make purchases at the moment. You have until the Bank of England announces an expiry date to be able to use them. Then, when the Bank of England has announced they’re expiring, you have half a year to either exchange the old notes for new ones or spend the money.

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