You asked: Where is Cybertecture Egg in Mumbai?

Where is Cybertecture Egg located in Mumbai?

The Cybertecture Egg is a 13-story commercial building located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Architect James Law designed the Cybertecture Egg along with Ove Arup’s building systems and engineering firm.

Is Cybertecture Egg completed?

their response is this ‘egg-shaped’ building which will accommodate 13 floors of offices and is stated as bringing together ‘iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create an awe-inspiring landmark in the city’. the building is due for completion by the end of 2010.

Why was the Cybertecture Egg built?

The Cybertecture building was egg shaped with an inspiration from a vessel. The ideology was to personify the world in terms of the planet being vessel which is self-sustaining comprising of an ecosystem permitting the life existence, its growth and subsequent evolution.

What is the Cybertecture Egg used for?

The Cybertecture Egg is quite a step head with its principle of ‘Cybertecture Health’. This interactive feature, installed in various places within the premises, monitors occupants’ vital health and wellness statistics. Bathrooms will monitor worker health by measuring weight and blood pressure.

What is meant by cybertecture?

Cybertecture is the 21st century version of architecture. Conventional architecture combined with technology and new innovations allow cybertecture to higher performance than conventional architecture. … Buildings of the future will be typified by technology, multimedia, intelligence and interactivity.

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Who designed the fish building?

Renowned Architect Frank Gehry Shares His Passion For Giving His Buildings a Sense of Movement.

Who is James Law?

James Law JP is an architect and entrepreneur. Renowned for creating the philosophy of Cybertecture in which a better world is designed with technology to alleviate suffering for mankind, his company’s projects cover buildings, spaces, technologies, education and social enterprises.

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