You asked: How can I export agricultural seeds from India?

How can I export seeds from India?

Exporters/importers are required to submit 20 copies of applications for export/import in the prescribed formats. The minutes of the EXIM Committee are approved by Secretary (A&C) after which letters recommending exports/imports of seeds and planting material are sent to DGFT and PPA for necessary action.

Can we export plants from India?

In FY 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), Around 2.23 USD million value of Live Plants was exported from India to Japan. It was around 48.9% of the total export of Live Plants.

Summary for the Indian Live Plants export.

Country USA
Qty 3550
Value(USD Million) 0.18
Month October
year 2020

Can you sell seeds internationally?

People and businesses that buy or sell plants and seeds for planting from another country through an e-commerce site must comply with all applicable U.S. import requirements, including obtaining an import permit from APHIS, obtaining a phytosanitary certificate from the national plant protection organization of the …

Can you export seeds?

Seed Export Process

Exporting Seeds to your Country will require a Federal Phytosanitary Certificate and in most cases a Import Permit to be sent with the seeds during exportation. You may also be required to provide additional documents, depending on your country.

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What is phytosanitary certificate in India for export?

The Phytosanitary Certificate (PSC) is an official document required for exporting/re-exporting plants, plant products or other regulated articles. PSC is issued to indicate that the consignments meet specified Phytosanitary import requirements of importing countries.

How can I import plants from India to UK?

To import regulated plants and plant products, you must get a PC for each consignment from the plant health authority in the country where your supplier is.

Get a phytosanitary certificate ( PC )

  1. has been officially inspected.
  2. complies with legal requirements for entry into GB.
  3. is free from quarantine pests and diseases.

What is PQ in export?

The phytosanitary certificate is issued as per the requirements of the importing country duly reflected in the contract or the permit issued by the importing country. The above information about the process of obtaining NOC from Plant Quarantine Department is explained.

How do plants export to other countries?

All the imports of plants and plant materials as specified in Schedule-V, Schedule-VI and Schedule-VII as accompanied baggage/ courier or post parcel/ air cargo/ sea cargo also require import permit and Phytosanitary certificate (for plant materials covered under Schedule-VII no import permit is needed) and such …

How do you export live plants?

After quality check (QC), proper packing is arranged with Palletization or Crating if required. Type of container is decided if export shipment of Cut flower, roots, bulb, plants other live trees is on FCL basis otherwise LCL if mode of shipment of Cut flower, roots, bulb, plants other live trees is by sea.

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What is PQ registration?

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