Who is the national fish of India?

Indian National Fish: Indian Mackerel.

What is the national fish?

Ganges River Dolphin Is The National Aquatic Animal of India. The Ministry of Environment and Forests declared the Ganges River Dolphin as the National Aquatic Animal on 18th May 2010. It represents the purity of the holy Ganga as it can only survive in pure and fresh water.

Is dolphin national fish of India?

To save dolphins from extinction, the Union government has declared them as the national aquatic animal. The dolphins found in the Ganga are a rare species.

Is Indian mackerel National fish?

Indian Mackerel is recognized as the national fish of India.

Its best eaten when fresh, which tastes real good.

What is our national vegetable?

Here is the list of national symbols of India.

Title National Symbols
National Heritage Animal Indian Elephant
National Flower Lotus
National Vegetable Pumpkin
Oath of Allegiance National Pledge

Which is our national tree?

Indian fig tree, Ficus bengalensis, whose branches root themselves like new trees over a large area. The roots then give rise to more trunks and branches. Because of this characteristic and its longevity, this tree is considered immortal and is an integral part of the myths and legends of India.

Which is the national insect of India?


Swallowtail butterflies are large, colourful butterflies in the family Papilionidae, and include over 550 species.

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