Which is Banana city of India?

Known as the “Banana City of India”, Jalgaon district in north Maharashtra contributes about half of Maharashtra’s banana production and more than 16% of that of India.

What is Jalgaon famous for?

Situated in the north-western part of Maharashtra, Jalgaon is a city that is best known for the gold produced in the city. Jalgaon is supposed to have the purest form of gold which is sold at a great price, which is how it came to be known as the Gold City. Apart from gold, it is also well known for bananas.

Why is bhusawal famous?

Situated in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, Bhusawal is known for exporting bananas all over the country thanks to its abundant plantations. Bhusawal is the divisional headquarters for the central railways, and most major train routes in India pass through here.

Which state banana is famous in India?

Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the topmost Banana producing Indian states. Bananas are the fifth largest agricultural commodity in world trade after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa.

Which fruit is highest production in India?

Amongst fruits, the country ranks first in production of Bananas (26.08%), Papayas (44.05%) and Mangoes (including mangosteens and guavas) (45.89%). The vast production base offers India tremendous opportunities for export.

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Which is the biggest fruit in world?

Then again, the jackfruit is not your typical fruit. It’s got a distinctive, musky smell, and a flavor that some describe as like Juicy Fruit gum. It is the largest tree fruit in the world, capable of reaching 100 pounds. And it grows on the branches — and the trunks — of trees that can reach 30, 40, 50 feet.

Which city is famous for pomegranate?

Pomegranate, Solapur

India is the largest pomegranate growing country in the world and Maharashtra is the leading pomegranate growing state in India. Solapur is a city located in the south-eastern region of Maharashtra and known for best quality of pomegranate area in the state.

Which state is famous for banana?

Map of Top 10 Banana Producing States in India

Rank State Name Production- (000MT)
1 Tamil Nadu 5136.2
2 Gujarat 4523.49
3 Maharashtra 3600
4 Andhra Pradesh 3242.797

What do bananas give you?

Bananas are a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients. Many types and sizes exist. Their color usually ranges from green to yellow, but some varieties are red.

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