What National Day is today in India?

What is today’s national holiday?

What Holiday is Today? ( July 27, 2021)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Love is Kind Day * Weird
National Scotch Day Weird
National Créme Bruléé Day Weird
National New Jersey Day Weird

What is special day India?

Important National & International Days of the Year (India and the World) Traditional GK

Sl. No. Important Date Remarks
1. 10 January World Hindi Day
2. 12 January National Youth Day (birthday of Swami Vivekananda)
3. 15 January Indian Army Day
4. 23 January Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday

Which day is celebrated in India?

India, being a culturally diverse society, celebrates many holidays and festivals, but there are only three national holidays: Republic Day (26 January), Independence Day (15 August) and Gandhi Jayanti (2 October).

Is it National Siblings Day today?


Which world day is today?

One Voice Day – July 26, 2021

5 6 8
12 13 15
19 20 22

What is important day?

Here is the month-wise list of national days of the year and their significance.

Important National Days – August.

Date Event Significance of the Day
August 9 Quit India Day
August 11 National Daughter’s Day
August 15 Indian Independence Day
August 20 National Sadvabana Divas/ Godwill Day Birth Day of Rajiv Gandhi
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What are some special days?

Holidays & Special Days

  • February. Black History Month. Dental Health Month. Groundhog Day. …
  • March. Womens’ History Month. National Nutrition Month. Music in Our Schools Month. …
  • April. April Fool’s Day. Easter. Math Awareness Month. …
  • May. Celebrating Asian and. Pacific-Island Heritage. Physical Fitness Month. …
  • June. D-Day (June 6) Flag Day.

What is India’s full name?

India, officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia.


Republic of India Bhārat Gaṇarājya (see other local names)
Demonym(s) Indian

Where is Teddy Day?

Teddy Day is celebrated on February 10 each year. Here is all you need to know why Teddy Day is celebrated in Valentine’s week. When do we celebrate Teddy Day? Today is the fourth day of Valentines week.

How old is India?

India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From the traces of hominoid activity discovered in the subcontinent, it is recognized that the area now known as India was inhabited approximately 250,000 years ago.

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