What is the best month to visit New Delhi?

October and November or February and March are considered as the best time to visit Delhi. During this period, the weather remains pleasant whereas, Delhi enjoys too hot or too cold climate throughout the year. This mild climate of the city draws many tourists from various parts of the world.

What is the best month to visit Delhi?

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best. During this period flowers are at their blooming best, the weather is pleasent and enjoyable to experience Incredible Delhi.

Which month is hottest in Delhi?

According to IMD records, the maximum temperature in Delhi touched 43.5°C on July 2 both in 2012 and 1987. On Wednesday, Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 43.5°C, which is the highest so far this season. The minimum temperature on the day was 28.2°C.

How many days should I spend in New Delhi?

You should plan atleast 3-4 days here, to get the feel of the place. 2. Re: How many days should I spend in New Delhi? 02 full days would be enough time to visit main attractions as well as markets of Delhi.

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Is June a good month for Delhi?

April to June: This is the beginning of summer and when tourists generally tend to retreat. It’s the perfect time to have Delhi all to yourself and take advantage of off season hotel prices. During summers the temperatures can go up to 45 degrees Celsius. End May and June are the hottest months.

What is famous food in Delhi?

So without any further ado, I present to you my list of top 10 famous dishes of Delhi.

  • Paranthas. …
  • Chaat. …
  • Butter Chicken. …
  • Kebabs. …
  • Chole Bhature. …
  • Biryani. …
  • Nihari. …
  • Rolls.

Which is the best season in Delhi?

So, when it comes to the best time to visit Delhi, one must consider its distinct periods of winter, summer and monsoon and everything that it entails.

Best time to visit Delhi.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
July to September 26-35°C Monsoon – Mid-high rainfall
December to February 8-24°C Winter – Cold and foggy

Is Delhi hot or cold?

Delhi’s has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April – July) and cold in winter (December – January). The average temperature can vary from 25oC to 45oC during the summer and 22oC to 5oC during the winter.

Can snowfall occur in Delhi?

Can snowfall occur in Delhi? A. Since Delhi’s temperature doesn’t touch 0 degree celsius, it is highly unlikely to have snowfall in Delhi.

What is the best area to stay in Delhi?

Convenient and Best Place to stay in Delhi for Tourists

  • Connaught Place. Baba Kharak Singh Marg (CP) (source) …
  • Chandni Chowk. Chandni Chowk. …
  • Karol Bagh. Karol Bagh. …
  • Paharganj. Paharganj. …
  • Defence Colony. Defence Colony (source) …
  • Mehrauli. Mehrauli Road (source) …
  • Hauz Khas Village. Hauz Khas. …
  • Rajpath Marg. Rajpath Marg (source)
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Is it safe to walk around Delhi?

Delhi is relatively safe in terms of petty crime, though pickpocketing can be a problem in crowded areas so keep your valuables safe. Roads are notoriously congested; take extreme care when crossing them, or when walking along narrow lanes that don’t have footpaths. Pollution is another real danger in Delhi.

How many days are enough for India?

If we are talking about how many days are enough to travel to India, then i suggest you to spend at least 15–20 days. There are so many travel agencies who provides the best India trip packages. Tailor Made Tours to India | Luxury Travel & Holiday Packages in India is one of them to make your trip memorable.

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