What does Bangalore say in Apex?

“Name the weapon, I’ll still beat you.” “I’m ready today… (laughs) I’m ready all month.” “Locked and loaded.”

Why is Bangalore called Bangalore apex?

She is named for the “Bangalore torpedo,” a piped explosive charge used in wartime to clear defensive structures and obstacles.

What does Bangalore do in Apex?

Bangalore is a solid addition to any team in Apex Legends. Her Passive ability gives her increased mobility and makes her even harder to pin down than she already is; and her Tactical and Ultimate abilities provide excellent crowd control and synergise well with various abilities available to other characters.

Is Bangalore from Apex straight?

As for the rest of the Apex Legends: Lifeline is gay, Caustic is asexual, Mirage is trans, Pathfinder is pansexual, Wraith is straight, and Bangalore has never heard of sex.

What is Bangalore’s passive?

Bangalore’s abilities are pretty simple, all things considered. Her passive ability, Double Time, allows her to sprint 30% faster if she gets shot at while sprinting which means you can dip and dodge bullets like Neo.

Who is Bangalore’s brother?

It has been revealed that Bangalore’s actual name is Anita Williams. She served alongside her brother, Lieutenant Jackson Williams, in the IMC, but he stayed behind to help her escape during a certain mission and has since been presumed dead.

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Is Loba dating Bangalore?

Now, however, things are a little different… Loba still wants revenge, but in the Season 9 comic it looks as though she has other things on her mind – namely a romantic date with Anita Williams, aka Bangalore.

Is bloodhound in Apex a girl?

Never miss a Moment

*taps mic* Bloodhound is non-binary.

Is caustic a bad guy?

Type of Villain

Alexander Nox, better known as Caustic, is a playable antagonist from Apex Legends.

Is Octane a girl?

Octane (Real Name: Octavio Silva) is one of the playable legends in Apex Legends. He was introduced in the Season 1 Battle Pass and can be unlocked by using digital currency, with his cost being either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

Name: Octavio Silva
Title: The Adrenaline Junkie
Gender: Male
Age: 24
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