Quick Answer: Why does Kerala receives rainfall much earlier than Delhi?

Answer: since much of the moisture winds which blow from the Arabian sea are blocked by the Western Ghats and causes rainfall over that area or Kerala and then these Indian these winds move further towards the North India or delhi that’s why Kerala receives rainfall much earlier than Delhi.

Why does Kerala get first rainfall?

The actual arrival of the monsoon is marked by a prolonged period of rain over most parts of Kerala. This is because the southwest monsoon branch arrives from the Arabian Sea, and hits the western ghats of Kerala before any other parts of India.

Why Kerala receive more rainfall than Tamilnadu?

Answer: Chennai has more rain months than Kerala because it receives rainfall from both- South West Monsoon winds and North West Monsoon winds (during winters) but Kochi receives rainfall only from South West Monsoon winds.

Why does it rain so much in Kerala?

Kerala would have been a dry land because of the dry winds blowing from the north, but for the Western Ghats which prevent this wind from entering the land. Kerala receives copious rain (average 3000 mm a year )each year.

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Why does the state of Kerala has the longest rainy season?

Kerala is at the southern most tip of India and the monsoon winds blowing from the sea first make landfall at Kerala and then move northwards. … Hence the state has the longest rainy season.

Which place in Kerala gets lowest rainfall?

Kasargod district received the highest amount of rainfall (2795.9 mm) and Thiruvananthapuram district received the lowest amount of rainfall (841.7 mm) in southwest monsoon season. In annual scale, Idukki (3671.5 mm) and Thiruvananthapuran (1828.2 mm) received the highest and lowest amount of rainfall, respectively.

Is Kerala hot or cold?

“God’s own country” Kerala is blessed with a climate of moderate temperatures. During the Indian summer when other states experience temperatures in excess or close to 40 degrees, weather in Kerala remains comparatively cool and pleasant. The plains and the coastal areas have warm weather.

Why Kerala receives more than 400 cm of rainfall annually?

The geographical position of Kerela is reason for availability of seasons of monsoon. it’s position to western ghats and proximity to sea and forest. … thus Kerela continuously gets rain for almost 6 months!

Does it always rain in Kerala?

Kerala receives an average annual rainfall of 3107 mm – some 7,030 crore m3 of water. … As a result, Kerala averages some 120–140 rainy days per year. In summer, most of Kerala is prone to gale-force winds, storm surges, and torrential downpours accompanying dangerous cyclones coming in off the Indian Ocean.

What are the three sources of rainfall in Tamilnadu?

The state has three distinct periods of rainfall: advanced rainfall; rainfall from the tropical cyclones emerging in the neighbourhood of the Andaman Islands during the Retreat of Monsoons(October–November): and the North-East monsoon during the months of October–December, with dominant northeast monsoon winds from the …

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Is red alert in Kerala?

While red alerts are in place for Kannur and Kasaragod on Sunday, Malappuram, Kozhikode and Wayanad are on orange alert and Ernakulam, Idukki, Thrissur and Palakkad, on yellow alert on the same day.

What is the famous food of Kerala?

The region is also famous for its Sadhya, served at the Hindu festival Onam and consisting of boiled rice and a host of vegetarian dishes on a banana leaf. Kerala cuisine also features a lot of sea food like fish, prawns, mussels and crabs because of its long coastline.

What is Kerala famous for?

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demography, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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