Quick Answer: What are the two epics of India and name the authors?

The two Epics are the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Ramayana was written by the sage Valmiki and the Mahabharata is believed to be the work of Ved Vyasa.

What are the two Indian epics?

Indian Epics is centered on the study of two epic narratives, the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Who were the writers of the two epics of India?

The Buddhist kavi Aśvaghoṣa wrote two epics and one drama. He lived in the 1st-2nd century. He wrote a biography of the Buddha, titled Buddhacarita. His second epic is called Saundarananda and tells the story of the conversion of Nanda, the younger brother of the Buddha.

What are the 2 epics?

These two great poems — Ramayana and Mahabharata — laid the foundation for Indian literary culture and are foundational to the Hindu worldview. The beginning of European literature is generally traced back to the two Homeric epics, the “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” which are still studied today as great literary masterpieces.

What is an epic What are the two great epics of India?

The religious and cultural life of the whole of the Indian subcontinent and much of the rest of Asia has been deeply influenced by the two great epic poems of Hinduism, the Mahabharata (pronounced Ma-ha-bahra-ta, accent on “bah”) and the Ramayana (pronounced Rah-my-ana, accent on “my”).

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Which is the oldest book in India?

For the purpose of this list, we consider all books written in India up to and including the Mughal era as being ‘ancient books’.


Book Sama Veda
Collection Veda/Samhita
Language Sanskrit
Date 1500-500 BCE

Which is the first coin in India?

The first PMC coins in India may have been minted around the 6th century BCE by the Mahajanapadas of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, The coins of this period were punch-marked coins called Puranas, old Karshapanas or Pana.

Which is the best epic in India?

The most important epics of India are listed in this article.

  1. Mahabharata. The Mahabharata is one of the two most important ancient epics of India, the other being the Ramayana. …
  2. Ramayana. …
  3. Panchatantra. …
  4. Sangam literature. …
  5. Abhijnanasakuntalam. …
  6. Kamasutra. …
  7. Shishupala Vadha. …
  8. The Kiratarjuniya.

Who is the father of Indian English literature?

Mulk Raj Anand: founding father of Indian English novel.

What are the four epics?

What are the four epics?

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh (~2000 BCE)
  • The Homeric Poems – The Odyssey (~800 BCE)
  • The Mahabharata (350 BCE)
  • Virgil – The Aeneid The Aeneid (19 BCE)
  • Ovid – Metamorphoses (8 AD)
  • Firdawsi – The Shahnameh (11th century)
  • Beowulf (~8th-11th century CE)

What are the five epics?

The Five Great Epics (Tamil: ஐம்பெரும்காப்பியங்கள் Aimperumkāppiyaṅkaḷ) are five Tamil epics according to later Tamil literary tradition. They are Silappatikāram, Manimekalai, Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi, Valayapathi and Kuṇṭalakēci.

Is Ramayana a Mahakavya?

Typical examples of mahākāvya are the Kumarasambhava and the Kiratarjuniya. … It is considered the most prestigious form in the Sanskrit literature. The genre evolved from the earlier epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

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