Question: Who is the greatest Indian batsman?

India’s best-ever batsman, is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. Fans worshipped him as if he was god when he played and many still do.

Who is the No 1 batsman in India?

Virat Kohli:

Kohli on attaining the number one rank in ICC Test rankings rose up to 934 rating points which is the highest ever by Indian batsmen.

Who is the greatest batsman of all time?

Here’s is a list of Top-10 Greatest Batsmen of All-time in Cricket:

  • Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is arguably greatest batsmen of all time. …
  • Sir Vivian Richards. Sir Vivian Richards dominated cricket with swagger. …
  • Virat Kohli. …
  • Ricky Ponting. …
  • Brian Lara. …
  • Kumar Sangakkara. …
  • Sir Donald Bradman. …
  • Wally Hammond.

Who is the biggest legend in Indian cricket?

The Five Most Decorated Cricket Legends in India

  • Sunil Gavaskar. Sunil Gavaskar is a renowned batsman in the history of the sport. …
  • Anil Kumble. Anil Kumble made history in test cricket when he took 619 wickets. …
  • Kapil Dev. Kapil Dev is another batsman whom Indians hold in high regard. …
  • Virat Kohli. …
  • Saurav Ganguly.

Who is great Indian cricketer?

1 – Kapil Dev

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Kapil Dev played over 130 Tests for India and for periods during his long career, he was regarded as the best cricketer in the world.

Who is better Smith or Kohli?

And no surprise, he fares much better than Smith as a captain. Of the 55 Tests Kohli has captained India, he has won 33 and lost 12. Whereas Smith, who has played 34 Tests as a skipper, has won 18 and lost 10. Kohli has a mighty impressive win-loss ratio of 2.75 to Smith’s 1.80.


T Natarajan

T Natarajan is the new yorker king of the IPL. So good was T Natarajan in IPL 2020, he became the new yorker king of the IPL, taking over the mantle from Malinga, who skipped the season. Every time SRH seemed in trouble, skipper David Warner turned to ‘Nattu’.

Who is World No 1 cricketer?

ICC Player Rankings for ODI Batsmen

Rank Player Career Best Rating
1 Babar Azam Pakistan 873 v England, 13/07/2021
2 Virat Kohli India 911 v England, 12/07/2018
3 Rohit Sharma India 885 v Sri Lanka, 06/07/2019
4 Ross Taylor New Zealand 841 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2019

Who is dangerous batsman in IPL?

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers is regarded as the most dangerous batsman in IPL history for his finishing capabilities with the bat. He has a strike-rate of 151.23 in this tournament and has scored 3 hundred & 33 fifties.

Who is best Dhoni or Virat?

Virat is the better Test captain, but across formats, it’s Dhoni.” Kohli has captained India in 95 ODIs, winning 65 matches and losing 27 with one tie and two no result. He has led India in 45 T20Is, winning 27, losing 14, 2 ties and 2 draws.

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Who is God of cricket now?

Who is Considered As New God Of Cricket? New God of Cricket is Rohit Sharma, and by now, everyone knows it. Rohit is the only player who has hit four T20I hundreds which is different. Apart from this, Rohit has hit 115 sices in the T20Is series that sets him different.

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