Question: How Much Does Indian bridal Jewellery cost?

How much does bridal Jewellery cost?

Bridal jewellery costs vary across the cities and is very dependant on gold prices at the time of purchase. The approximate range of cost lies in between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 1,00,00,000.

Is Indian wedding jewelry real gold?

Traditional Indian jewelry typically “goes for the gold” as gold is considered auspicious for major life events such as weddings. … The rising popularity of colorful designs that sparkle and glitter mean that other jewelry styles, such as Kundan, Lac, and Jadau, are also being included in more and more bridal looks.

How much does a Polki set cost?

A Polki choker necklace generally costs around INR 4-15 lakhs, while an entire set can cost up to INR 3 crores, depending on the design, number of stones and labour used.

Where can I buy wedding jewellery in India?

Top 10 Places to Buy Wedding Jewelry in India

  • Chaahat Fashion Jewellery, for your own taste of glam. …
  • Da India Shop, for traditional jewelry. …
  • Prince Jewellery, for trendsetting jewels. …
  • Sunny Diamonds, for pieces that will last a lifetime. …
  • Sonoor Jewels, for contemporary designs.
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Is Kundan cheaper than gold?

Kundan jewellery is expensive because of its intricate craftwork and gold content. A Kundan Jewellery set to cost Rs. 50,000 and above. However, when compared to jewellery made purely of gold, Kundan jewellery made in the same karat of gold is not as pricey.

How can you tell real Polki?

Polki jewellery is basically created with unfinished diamonds in their natural form. If these unfinished diamonds are polished and chemically treated they look like shiny diamonds. The colour of Polki as compared to the chemically and lab processed diamonds is a little rustic.

Why do Indian brides wear gold?

Why do Hindu brides wear so much jewelry? The amount of jewelry especially gold and diamonds worn by a Hindu bride will depend on their their own aswell as their families wealth. … The jewelry in itself will act as a status symbol to show the wedding guests the perceived wealth of the bride and her family.

What jewelry do Indian brides wear?

The North Indian brides wear a chooda- a set of ivory and red bangles. In Bengal, the mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law an iron bangle which is usually plated with gold. In South India, green bangles signify fertility and prosperity. Another ornament worn traditionally by Indian brides is the bajuband or armlet.

What is Indian jewelry called?

Kundan jewelry is one of the most popular types of Indian jewelry, and is especially famous in Rajasthan. It refers to a type of gemstone jewelry, where highly refined gold is combined with gorgeous gemstones to create elaborate and intricate pieces. The word ‘kundan’ means pure gold.

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Is Polki more expensive than gold?

Polki is made of uncut diamonds, while Kundan is made of glass stones. Hence, polki shines brighter and is more expensive. … It is is made by placing uncut diamonds in gold jewellery using gold foils and lac. Polki does not undergo chemical treatments, unlike other diamonds.

Is Polki diamond a good investment?

The diamonds used in modern polki jewellery are low grade and do not have much investment value, even though polki jewellery can be expensive.

Are Polki diamonds real?

Polki diamonds are, in fact, one of the oldest forms of cut diamonds, originating in India long before Western cutting methods were seen there. They often retain their original rough form and have an unfaceted, polished surface.

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