Question: How can I check my traffic fines in India?

How can I check my Challan online?

Steps to check challan status in UP online:

Step 1: Go to the official website i.e. Step 2: The official webpage will open. Step 3: to check your E-Challan status look for the option Check Challan Status’ on the right side. Step 4: Click on the Check Challan Status’.

How do I check my bike case?

Visit the E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution website at Click on ‘Check Challan Status’ The website allows you to check the status using either your challan number, vehicle number or driving licence number.

How can I check my car fine in India?

Step 1: Visit Step 2: On this page, select ‘Check Challan Status’. Step 3: On the new page, you have the option to enter the Challan Number or Vehicle Number or DL Number to check for any traffic violations recorded by the traffic police.

How can I check my traffic fine in Bangalore?

How to Check Traffic Fines in Bangalore?

  1. Step 1 – Open the official website of the Bangalore city traffic police.
  2. Step 2 – Open the e-challans payment section.
  3. Step 3 – Under the section specified ‘Traffic Violation Payment’, select the violation type for an e-challan issue.
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What happens if you don’t pay challan?

If you do not submit the e-challan on time, your challan is likely to go to court. Following which the vehicle owner needs to go to the court to collect fines. Even on-spot challan is also sent to the court by the traffic police after a period. The traffic police do not have the right to recover the fine from you.

What is wrong with challan?

Once you get fined by the traffic police, you’ll get an SMS on your registered mobile number with the offence details. You can then choose to either the pay the fine or challenge the fine and plead guilty. A wrong challan can be challenged virtually, directly from the web portal instead of going to the court.

What is Digitab violation?

Digitab or Digital FTVR is a handheld device given to @blrcitytraffic staff at all junctions in Bangalore to “point & shoot” violations, it can take a clear pic even if the vehicle is in motion and has a good zoom too, violations raised by this mode show as “Digitab Violation”

How can I check my traffic fines in Mumbai?

How to Check Traffic Fines in Mumbai?

  1. Visit the official website for e-challan.
  2. Click the tab “Check Challan Status” on the website homepage.
  3. Provide required details like your driving license, challan number, vehicle number, etc.
  4. Enter the captcha and click on the “Get Details” option that appears.

Which is RC number?

A Registration Certificate copy or RC is a document that proves your vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities. Nowadays, you can avail your Registration Certificate copy in the form of a Smart card. The smart card will have the following information on it: Registration Number.

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How can I check my car fines?

How to check Traffic Fine on your Vehicle Online?

  1. Go to your state’s transport department website.
  2. Go to a section called e-challan payments.
  3. When you see the traffic violation payment section, click on the type of violation for which you are paying the fee.
  4. Enter the e-challan or vehicle registration number.

How do I pay my Echallan parivahan online?

Method I

  1. To pay challan you need to go to the official website of the traffic police of your state.
  2. Go to the e-challan option under the services section.
  3. Now click on it and a new page will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter the vehicle number or challan number (Notice you received)

How do I check my fines in Mysore?

The city police website ( has provided a link to the KarnatakaOne portal under its ‘Online Services’ tab. By keying in either the vehicle registration number or the notice number, citizens can get the details of the offence booked and the amount to be paid.

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