Is Nord VPN Indian server?

How secure are NordVPN servers in India? NordVPN servers in India have the first-rate safety level and top-grade 256-bit encryption. 256-bit has 2^256 possible combinations. By protecting your IP address, we guarantee you constant protection and safety.

Which VPN has Indian server?

BEST VPN FOR INDIAN IP ADDRESS :NordVPN is our first choice. With plenty of servers to choose from in India, powerful security features, and very fast speeds, it’s a good all-rounder. What’s more it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

How many servers does Nord VPN have in India?

The VPN in details

Characteristic Value
Unlimited bandwidth? Yes
Type of VPN encryption Military AES 256 bits encryption
Number of IP Addresses The company doesn’t disclose that info
Number of VPN Servers? Over 5,435

Is Nord VPN good for India?

NordVPN is a strong choice for best VPN in India with its consistent speeds and strong server network across the globe.” … With a 134 Mbps downstream speed, in this round of tests NordVPN showed very stable performance on their India server.

Although using VPN is completely legal in India, there are some cases where the government or local police have punished people for using the service. It’s better to check for yourself and not to visit legally banned sites while using VPN.

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Which country VPN is fastest?

Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds Use Fiber Optics To The Home

  1. South Korea. South Korea is ranked #1 in terms of average connection speed and #3 in terms of average peak connection speed. …
  2. Sweden. …
  3. Norway. …
  4. Japan. …
  5. The Netherlands. …
  6. Hong Kong. …
  7. Latvia. …
  8. Switzerland.

Is Nord free VPN safe?

NordVPN is a good VPN. Its headquarters is in Panama, which isn’t part of any international surveillance alliances. It won’t track anything about the user’s web activity or IP addresses, encrypting both with AES-256 encryption.

Which server is best for VPN?

The best VPN server providers

  • ExpressVPN. The best range of server locations plus excellent usability. …
  • Cyberghost. Great service with a massive VPN server network. …
  • NordVPN. Tons of servers and great reliability. …
  • Private Internet Access. The most servers out of any provider. …
  • Hotspot Shield. Tons of servers and incredible speeds.

Which VPN server is fastest in India?

ExpressVPN – It has fast servers that unblock US Netflix & other major services & 3 local VPN servers to connect to India. CyberGhost VPN – A value packed VPN for India that is simple to use on iPhone & Android, plus it has a 45-day moneyback guarantee. Surfshark – A cheap VPN for India.

Is ExpressVPN banned in India?

That brings us to the question of “are VPNs legal in India?” The short answer is yes. Using a VPN isn’t illegal, and there are actually no laws in the country that address the use of such a service. However, what remains an issue is if you use a VPN for illegal activities.

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Are free VPN safe?

Free VPNs simply aren’t as safe

Because to maintain the hardware and expertise needed for large networks and secure users, VPN services have expensive bills to pay. As a VPN customer, you either pay for a premium VPN service with your dollars or you pay for free services with your data.

Which country server is best for India?

The five best India VPN for 2021

  1. ExpressVPN. A great choice for your new India VPN – scores well on all fronts. …
  2. Surfshark. An affordable India VPN that covers all the devices you own. …
  3. NordVPN. A VPN giant with a special focus on security. …
  4. IPVanish. Offering all-round reliability in its India VPN. …
  5. Hotspot Shield.
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