Is India better than Netherlands?

Is Netherlands richer than India?

Netherlands has a GDP per capita of $53,900 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

How big is India vs Netherlands?

Netherlands is about 79 times smaller than India.

India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while Netherlands is approximately 41,543 sq km, making Netherlands 1.26% the size of India.

How is living in Netherlands for Indians?

Most of them were highly skilled migrants working in information technology and information services. … Nevertheless, Indian migrants often stay in the Netherlands temporarily, as about 45% leave the country within six years. As of 2019, about 48,724 people of Indian immigrant descent lived in the Netherlands.

Why Netherlands is the best country?

The Netherlands secures spot as one of world’s top 10 countries

  • Citizenship.
  • Cultural Influence.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Heritage.
  • Movers (predicting a country’s future growth)
  • Open for Business.
  • Power.
  • Quality of Life.

What is the capital of the Netherland?

Is the Netherlands expensive to live in?

The general cost of living in the Netherlands is typically cheaper than its western European counterparts, despite offering the same standard of quality for food, housing, utilities, and public transport.

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How small is India?


Republic of India Bhārat Gaṇarājya (see other local names)
• Republic 26 January 1950
• Total 3,287,263 km2 (1,269,219 sq mi) (7th)
• Water (%) 9.6

Is Netherlands good for Indian students?

Space and Aviation teaching, Engineering, Business Studies, Art, History, Tourism and Hotel Management are the popular courses Indian students pursue in Netherlands. Safety in Netherlands: Netherlands is one of the safest metropolitan areas in Europe.

Can Indian settle in Netherlands?

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. In India, you can apply for this visa at the Netherlands embassy in New Delhi or at the consulate-general in Mumbai. …

How many Indians are in the Netherlands?

Netherlands has second largest population of people of Indian origin in Europe (next only to UK). It is home to about 240,000 members of Indian Diaspora including approximately 20,0000 members of and Hindustani-Surinami community wholly integrated into Dutch society.

How can I get PR in Netherlands?

After living in the Netherlands for five years, foreign nationals and their family members can apply for a Dutch permanent residence permit. Once you live in the Netherlands for five continuous years, depending on your nationality and circumstances, you may be eligible for permanent residence.

Is Netherlands a good country to live?

According to the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands comes top for the best place to live for expat families in 2018. It’s really no surprise in a country with a great economy, great childcare, great healthcare, great education system, excellent English and a life revolving around biking.

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Is Netherlands a beautiful country?

Most people know the Dutch for their flowers and their windmills. The flowers, the windmills, the architecture, our beaches and even our night skies. … Granted, our country often looks rather grey and dull.

Is Netherlands a friendly country?

You’ll also find that tolerance is at the center of the country’s impressive sense of balance. The Dutch welcome people of all races and cultural backgrounds, which is yet another reason that international young people and even tourists feel right at home in this friendly country.

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