How was the Constitution of India framed and passed by the Constituent Assembly?

The Constitution of India was framed by a Constituent Assembly set up under the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946. The Assembly held its first meeting on December 9, 1946, and elected Dr. … On the basis of the reports of these committees, a draft of the Constitution was prepared by a seven-member Drafting Committee.

How was the Constitution of India formed and passed by the Constituent Assembly?

Constitution and elections

At 11 am on 9 December 1946 the Assembly began its first session, with 211 members attending. By early 1947, representatives of the Muslim League and princely states joined, and the Assembly approved the draft constitution on 26 November 1949.

How was the Indian constitution framed Class 9?

The drafting of the document called the constitution was done by an assembly of elected representatives called the Constituent Assembly. Elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in July 1946. Its first meeting was held in December 1946. … The Constituent Assembly that wrote the Indian Constitution had 299 members.

How was our Constitution framed and put into force explain?

Though the major part of the Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, the provisions relating to citizenship, elections, provisional parliament and temporary and transitional provisions came into force with immediate effect, viz., from November 26, 1949.

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What was part 7 of Indian Constitution?

The parts of the Indian Constitution along with Subject and Articles they cover are given below.

Parts of Indian Constitution.

Part Subject Articles
Part V The Union Art. 52 to 151
Part VI The States Art. 152 to 237
Part VII Repealed by Const. (7th Amendment) Act, 1956
Part VIII The Union Territories Art. 239 to 242

Who wrote our Constitution?

Prem Behari Narain Raizada (Saxena), the man who hand wrote the original Constitution of India. Within a vault-like room in the Library of the Parliament of India in New Delhi sit helium-filled cases – 30x21x9 inches.

How the Constitution was created?

Why was the Constitution written? In 1787, Congress authorized delegates to gather in Philadelphia and recommend changes to the existing charter of government for the 13 states, the Articles of Confederation, which many Americans believed had created a weak, ineffective central government.

Who first drafted the constitution for India Class 9?

As far back as in 1928, Motilal Nehru and eight other Congress leaders drafted a constitution for India. In 1931, the resolution at the Karachi session of the Indian National Congress dwelt on how independent India’s constitution should look like.

How was making of the Indian constitution?

Making of Indian Constitution was completed in the year 1949, on the 26th of November, by the Constituent Assembly. … The Making of Indian Constitution took several meetings of the three committees, namely, The Union Powers Committee, the Union Constitution Committee and the Committee on Fundamental Rights.

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What are the main features of Indian constitution Class 9?

Features of Indian Constitution

  • Lengthiest constitution. …
  • Drawn from Different Sources. …
  • Federal System and Unitary Features. …
  • Parliamentary Form of Government. …
  • Parliamentary Sovereignty and Judicial Supremacy. …
  • Independent and Integrated Judicial System. …
  • Directive Principles. …
  • Rigid and Flexible.
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