How Register Portal in Digital India?

Go to the official website of digital India portal. Step 1: The applicant has to visit to the home page of the website of digital India portal. Step 2: Click on ”franchise registration” option on the home page. Step 3: A page appears with a ”contact franchise form”.

How can I get digital India franchise?

Visit the official website of digital India:

  1. On the home page of digital India portal you get various options.
  2. Click on ‘franchise registration’ option on the homepage to register yourself on the digital India portal.
  3. A page appears with a ‘contact franchise form’.

What is Digital India card?

Digital India is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The programme was launched on July 1, 2015 by Hon’ Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

What are the 9 pillars of Digital India?

Nine pillars of Digital India

  • Broadband Highways.
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity.
  • Public Internet Access Programme.
  • e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology.
  • e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services.
  • Information for All.
  • Electronics Manufacturing.
  • IT for Jobs.

Why Digital India is important?

Since the launch of the “Digital India” program in 2015 to date, there have been many significant improvements in digital infrastructure, in the digital delivery of public services and financial succor to citizens, and in enhancing digital consciousness and literacy.

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What are the disadvantages of Digital India?

17 Disadvantages of Digital Technology

  • 17 Digital Technology Disadvantages. Data Security. …
  • Data Security. Digital technology means that vast amounts of data can be collected and stored. …
  • Crime and Terrorism. …
  • Complexity. …
  • Privacy Concerns. …
  • Social Disconnect. …
  • Work Overload. …
  • Digital Media Manipulation.

What is the impact of Digital India?

Economic Impact

Digital India initiative can improve our GDP by around $1 trillion by 2025, says a report of economic analysts. It can also be harmful to play a key role in macro-economic factors like employment generation, labor productivity, business development, and revenue generation.

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