How much did Lawrence Stroll pay for Force India?

2018, Stroll led a group of investors to buy Formula One racing team Force India for £90 million plus assumption of £15 million in debt. After leading a $235.6 million (£182 million) investment in car company Aston Martin in early 2020, Stroll will become executive chairman.

How much did Force India cost?

Canadian group led by Stroll paid $117 million for Force India | Reuters.

Why Force India was sold?

Its demise was driven by the financial woes of its owners, Indian businessmen Subrata Roy and Vijay Mallya who is fighting extradition from Britain to his home country on fraud and money laundering charges.

Did Force India sell?

Administrators of the collapsed Force India Formula One team have revealed that they expect to pay all of its creditors in full after its assets were sold to fashion tycoon Lawrence Stroll for £90m. Despite finishing in a respectable fourth place last year, Force India crashed into administration in July.

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Who owned Force India?

The team was formed in October 2007 when a consortium led by Indian businessman Vijay Mallya and Dutch businessman Michiel Mol bought the Spyker F1 team for €88 million.

Force India.

Base Silverstone, United Kingdom
Founder(s) Vijay Mallya & Michiel Mol
Formula One World Championship career

Why did Force India go pink?

money. BWT – a sponsor attatched to Mercedes in other racing series – signed on as a sponsor in 2017. Which lead to the team adopting the pink colour scheme used by teams in other forms of motorsport that are sponsored by BWT. Their sponsor BWT ( a water treatment company) is the reason why the car is pink.

Why is there no F1 in India?

In August 2013, FIA announced that the Indian Grand Prix would be missing in 2014 before returning to an early-season slot in 2015. Subsequently, because of a tax dispute with the Uttar Pradesh government, that too was ruled out and the race did neither return for the 2016 season, nor has it ever since.

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