How much astronauts earn in India?

₹6,44,049 (INR)/yr.

What is the salary of astronaut in India per month?

Pay Scale/Salary of Astronaut

Although there is no limit for the money an astronaut can make, on average, an astronaut can be paid something between 50,000/- rupees to a few lakhs per month.

How much do astronauts pay?

Civilian astronaut salaries

GS-11 astronauts average starting salary: $66,026 per year. GS-14 astronauts can earn up to $144,566 per year.

How much do astronauts at NASA earn?

Astronauts may receive more or less depending on which locations they work in or what missions they’re involved in. Nasa is currently looking at the next generation of astronauts to go back to the moon and eventually to Mars. In a job listing, the space agency listed a salary range of $104,898 to $161,141 per year.

What is the monthly salary of an astronaut?

These pay grade’s mean astronauts earn anywhere between USD 66,026 per year to USD 144,566 per year. In Indian currency, this means between Rs 42 lakh to Rs 92 lakh. The pay grade is determined in accordance with each individual’s academic achievements and experience.

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Which job has highest salary?

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

  • Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)
  • Data Scientist.
  • Machine Learning Experts.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Full Stack Software Developer.
  • Product Management.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Investment Banker.

Which job has highest salary in India?

List of Highest Paying Jobs In India

  • Business Management. Business Management or Business analysts are the highest paying jobs in India. …
  • Doctors. …
  • Air Hostess Or Cabin Crew. …
  • Chartered Accountants. …
  • Commercial Pilot. …
  • Aeronautical engineer. …
  • Actor. …
  • Company Secretary.

Who is the richest astronaut?

Michael Richard Uram “Rich” Clifford (born October 13, 1952), is a former United States Army officer and NASA astronaut.

Michael R. Clifford
Space career
NASA Astronaut
Rank Lieutenant colonel, USA
Time in space 27d 18h 24m

Do astronauts get hazard pay?

E.g. US military pilots / astronauts don’t receive Danger Pay unless they work at posts where they’re in imminent danger or under threat of physical harm due to civil insurrection, terrorism, or war conditions.

Are there any humans floating in space?

On February 7, 1984, Bruce McCandless became the first human to float free from any earthly anchor when he stepped out of the space shuttle Challenger and flew away from the ship. … He later helped deploy the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit from the space shuttle Discovery in 1990.

Do astronauts get rich?

The highest-paid astronauts earn a salary of $117,810, but the experience of working for NASA can be priceless. As NASA writes on its official benefits page, “Your NASA job is the greatest benefit of all.

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Has anyone died in space?

A total of 18 people have lost their lives either while in space or in preparation for a space mission, in four separate incidents. In 2003 a further seven astronauts died when the shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. …

What is the salary of ISRO scientist?

ISRO Salary: Basic Pay and Allowances

Post Pay Band
Scientist/ Engineer – H & G INR 37,400 – INR 67,000
Scientist/ Engineer – SG INR 37,400 – INR 67,000
Scientist/ Engineer- SF INR 37,400 – INR 67,000
Scientist/ Engineer- SE & SD INR 15,600 – INR 39,100
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