How many females are educated in India?

Only 41 percent of the literate population, or 13 per- cent of all Indian women, have more than a primary education. Currently, a very small proportion of both men and women have a college education, just over 3 per- cent of men and 1 percent of women.

What percentage of girls are educated in India?

Educational status of women in India

As per the 2011 Census, the total literacy rate in India stands at 74.00 per cent and the rate of literacy among women is 65.46 per cent. The percentage of female literacy in the country was 54.16 per cent in 2001.

What percentage of Indian population is educated?

In 2018, the degree of literacy in India was about 74.4 percent, with the majority of literate Indians being men. It is estimated that the global literacy rate for people aged 15 and above is about 86 percent.

How many females are in the world?

This is false; the UN Population Division confirmed the latest world population projection to AFP as 3.82 billion females and 3.89 billion males.

What is female literacy rate?

Literacy and level of education are basic indicators of the level of development achieved by a society. … While the overall literacy rate works out to be 64.8 %, the male literacy rate is 75.3% and that for females is 53.7%, showing a gap of 21.6 percentage points between the sexes at the national level.

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Which state is the poorest in India?

This is a list of and territories of Indian States and Union Territories of India ranked according to poverty as of 2021.

List of Indian states and union territories by poverty rate.

State/U.T. Percentage of population living below the national poverty line
Goa 5.09
Kerala 7.05
Himachal Pradesh 8.06
Sikkim 8.19

Which state is No 1 in education in India?

Top 10 Highest Literate States of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank State Literacy
1 Kerala 94.00
2 Lakshadweep 91.85
3 Mizoram 91.33
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