Do you think the Indian princes were?

Do you think the Indian princes were short-sighted in their approach to the events of 1757? Answer: Yes, the Indian princes were short-sighted in their approach. They fought against each other with the help of the British.

How did the East India Company subdue the Indian princes Class 8?

How did the East India Company subdue the Indian Princes? Answer: The East India Company subdued the Indian princes through their policy of ‘divide and rule’. First they extended support to the Indian Kings and later took over their kingdom.

What made the Indian princes weak?

Answer: The internal rivalry between various princes was enough for British to pit them against each other. This was a good example of their, ‘Divide and Rule Policy’. Internal fighting weakened them to the point when East India Company could easily subdue them.

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How did the Indian industries die?

To earn quick profits, the British imposed heavy taxes, thereby forcing the Indian farmers to abandon their fields. They decided to do away with import duty for goods manufactured in England. This crippled the Indian industries. … The British prospered on the Company’s loot, while the Indian industries began to die.

Who is the author of Glimpses of the past?

➡️Raja Ram Mohan Roy⬅️

What help the East Indian Company overpower Indian princess?

Q1. What helped the East India Company to overpower Indian princes? Answer: Indian princes were always engaged in fighting with one another. The rivalries paved the way for the East India Company to overpower Indian princes.

What were the reason behind the prospering British class 8?

According to it, an Indian could be sent to jail even without any trial in the court. This was a phase of oppression of the Indians. By 1829, the value of British exports was worth seven crore rupees. While the Indian industries were ruining, the British were prospering.

In what ways did the British officers exploit Indians in 50 words?

The British officers imposed heavy taxes on Indian farmers. They made British goods free of import duty. They also cut the thumbs of Indian artisans. They also exploited Indians in many other ways.

Who is the first social reformer of the world?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born into an elite Bengali Hindu family on May 22, 1772, in Radhanagar village of Hoogly district, Bengal Presidency.

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Who did the Indian industries die?

The Indian industries died out because the British were majorly importing British goods into the Indian markets. Also cutting the thumbs of Indian craftsmen. 6. Which all reasons were responsible for the British making major profits ?

Why is the giant called selfish?

The Giant was called selfish because he wanted to keep his garden reserved only for himself. He banned the entry of outsiders there. In both the cases the children are referring to the Giant’s garden.

What made Velu miserable?

What made him feel miserable? Answer: Velu felt exhausted and miserable as he laid down his head on his knees because he had run away from his village two days ago due to the torture inflicted upon him by his drunkard father. He had not eaten anything in the past two days except for some peanuts and a piece of jaggery.

Who is an artisan class 8 English?

An artisan is a craftsman, skilled in some trade. They suffered because the goods that they produced lost demand in the Indian market. Picture 7 reveals the first spark of the fire of revolt.

What is the main idea of glimpses of the past?

Answer: The story, “Glimpses of the Past” depicts the history of India’s war of independence against the British rule with the help of pictures and strips of text in it. It explains how the British ill-treated the Indians and created a rift among the princes and exploited the natives by demanding high taxes from them.

Why is it important to show the students glimpses of past?

Why is it important to show the students ‘Glimpses of the past’? Answer: History describes about the reasons and existence of the present. A society develops various traits and tradition that incurred changes according to time.

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