Best answer: Why are Indians obsessed with degrees?

Why India is obsessed with good marks?

The high importance attested to good grades, in India, gives rise to the idea that memorization and rote-learning is more rewarding. However, this kind of learning leads to zero to negligible learning of skills which lead to innovation and out of the box discoveries.

Why are Indians obsessed with computer science?

Computer science is also very self-paced, you can learn from your computer anywhere even if you don’t have good teachers—from thousands of free tutorials and most IDEs are free—which is important in India because many universities are not ideal.

Why is India obsessed with engineering?

Yes, we can say that India is obsessed with producing engineers because even today we think that a Btech degree makes you versatile enough and you can always opt for other career options if you fail as an engineer but you can never switch to being an engineer from some other profession.

Why are Indian parents obsessed with science?

In India tougher things get more respect and hence, science being ‘tough’, which could be grasped only by the ‘chosen ones’ is highly decorated stream! Other streams no matter how hard they are, won’t gain that respect. Discrimination is in every sphere of life.

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Why is India obsessed Maggie?

India has ordered tests on Maggi noodles after some were found to contain high levels of lead. … The “two-minute noodles” advertising campaign on state-run television with which Maggi launched itself turned out to be an instant attraction because of its liberating message for women.

Why are Indians obsessed with marks Quora?

This demand supply imbalance enhances the greed and pressure for the higher grades. If you don’t give your best, it’ll be taken by rest. It’s not that pressure is only from elders i.e parents, teachers etc. But students amongst themselves build a grade stair and judge their peers based on marks.

Why do so many Indians take engineering?

Result, subjects like humanities and Mathematics or any pure science stream fail to get into the limelight hence propelling students to opt for engineering. In India, people tend to work towards their parents aspirations rather than their own. In fact, you can include relatives and neighbors as well.

Why do Indian parents want doctors?

The main things is that our society see these profession as the respected one. Well, these profession are respectable but other professions are also comparable to them. That’s the main reason why most of the parents want their children to be doctor or IITians.

Why do Indian parents force marriage?

When women in India cross a certain age, they are emotionally blackmailed or forced into marriage while in this things where many women has their aims and goals or wants to pursue higher education their parents starts forcing them for getting married and many of them leaves their dreams incomplete for their parents …

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Why do parents want their child to be a doctor or engineer?

Originally Answered: Why do Indian parents want theirs children to be engineer or doctor? Because when they were young, they saw the struggle they had to face in order to get a job, while the guys with engineering degree or doctors degree were getting jobs without any hassle.

Why do Indian parents Force study?

Everyone treated and still holds medical professionals as GODs, this made Indian parents to dream of making their child a Doctor. An underdeveloped country like India, tried to go hand in hand with developing countries like USA & UK. This increased industrialization in India and thus the demand for engineers increased.

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