Best answer: Is Taobao available in India?

How did you buy? you can find an agent or buy items directly from taobao! Taobao direct shipping is not available for India as it is for US, Australia…

Does Taobao ship to India?

There is no service of shipping to india directly on Taobao for the moment, you can find a Taobao agent, and if you can’t read Chinese, shop on Taobao is very difficult.

Can you buy from Taobao outside China?

For our ‘just ship for you‘ service you will need to contact us for our warehouse address in China which you can then use when checking out on Taobao. … Once all your goods have arrived at our warehouse in China we will process them for international shipping to you.

Is Taobao banned?

Other banned apps include Alibaba’s e-commerce platform AliExpress, streaming app Taobao Live and workplace messaging app DingTalk, as well as delivery app Lalamove India and a handful of dating sites.

Is Taobao available in English?

From sign up to checkout, a complete English guide to shopping on Taobao and Tmall. … Unfortunately, there’s no English version, so if you can’t read Chinese, then the sites can be a bit daunting – even with Google Translate.

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Is Alibaba banned in India?

Various other apps related to the Alibaba Group and at least 15 dating apps have also been banned. “Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, today issued an order under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act blocking access to 43 mobile apps.

Is Shopee available in India?

Does Shopee Ship To India? No, Shopee does not ship to India, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Shopee order shipped to India with zero headaches. It involves using a package forwarder: a warehouse in the United States that will accept your Shopee order and forward it on to you in India.

Why is Taobao so cheap?

Taobao sellers can get cheap products from factories directly and sell on taobao with affordable prices. the competition also makes the sellers set the price low low again. Their selling principle is making small profits and sell more. Sometimes the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Is Taobao Chinese or Japanese?

Taobao (simplified Chinese: 淘宝网; traditional Chinese: 淘寶網) is a Chinese online shopping platform. It is headquartered in Hangzhou and is owned by Alibaba. It is ranked as the eighth most-visited website in 2021. was registered on April 21, 2003 by Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Is Taobao safe to buy from?

More or less Taobao is very safe. They offer wide range of products and at the same time they sell it at very cheap prices. Not all products they sell though are authentic or original so be careful about that.

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Is TaoBao App banned in India?

India blocks another 43 Chinese mobile apps, including AliExpress and TaoBao Live. Bringing the total number of banned Chinese mobiles apps since June to 220. The Indian government has banned another 43 Chinese mobile apps on the grounds of national security, according to a government mandate released on Tuesday.

Is AliExpress banned permanently in India?

On September 2, the government had banned 118 more apps and in November it blocked 43 new Chinese mobile apps in the country, including shopping website AliExpress. … An official familiar with the matter said the decision to impose a permanent ban is aimed at the 59 Chinese apps for now.

What Chinese apps did India ban?

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India has decided to retain its ban on video app TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps after reviewing responses from the companies on issues such as compliance and privacy, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.

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