Best answer: How can I get water connection in Bangalore?

What are the charges for new water connection in Bangalore?

The new project is set to benefit the residents of seven City Municipal Councils Yelahanka, Byatarayanapura, Bommanahalli, Mahadevpura, K.R.

How to apply for a BWSSB water connection.

Area Contribution (in Rupees)
Upto 600 sq feet houses 600-1200 sq.feet houses Between 1200-2400 Upto 2400 sq feet 2,500/- 5,000+3000 10,000+6000 15,000+9000

How can I get sanitary connection in Bangalore?

Registered users can apply online for a new water or sanitary connection, this service is provided by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. You need to first login with your username and password to apply for your new water or sanitary connection.

What is BWSSB NOC?

BWSSB – Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

Which areas in Bangalore get Cauvery water?

As shown in the image below, Cauvery water is first treated at the 775-MLD water treatment plant (WTP) at TK Halli outside Bengaluru. From TK Halli, the water is pumped to Harohalli and then Tataguni pumping stations, before it reaches the city at a point named Vajarahalli, near Banashankari 6th stage.

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What is the average water bill in Bangalore?

The minimum water charge has gone up by almost 20% — from Rs 48 to Rs 57 a month and the monthly bill from Rs 83 to Rs 100 for domestic usage. Sanitary charge has been reduced from Rs 15 to Rs 14. For water usage above 8,000 litres, sanitary charge will be 25% of water supply charges.

How can I get Cauvery water connection for apartment in Bangalore?

Documents required for BWSSB water connection:

  1. Building Plan sanction plan or a tax paid.
  2. Proof of address that is telephone bill or electricity bill.
  3. A stamp paper.
  4. Rainwater harvesting adoption document.
  5. Photograph of the house.
  6. The beneficiary of Capital Contribution Receipt.

How can I change my name in Bangalore water bill?


  1. Visit the concerned sub division Office of your area in person Office Locations.
  2. Procure the prescribed application form for name change request by paying the required application form fee and fill all the required details of the form.

How do I get a new water connection in Mysore?

An application form for new water connection can be obtained from respective office on your visit Or can be a written one. Complete the application form attach the entire required document and submit it to the receiving authority.

How do I get a new bescom connection?

Step by Step procedure for applying BESCOM Connection in Bangalore

  1. Visit the BESCOM office in your area.
  2. Get the A form.
  3. Fill the form along with the documents.
  4. Pay the registration fee of Rs 50 per installation.

Is Bangalore running out of water?

The city would run out of groundwater by 2020. Bengaluru was listed as one among the 11 cities in the world to run out of groundwater. The list released by NITI Aayog was part of the Composite Water Management Index: A Tool for Water Management 2017.

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Is Bangalore Water Hard?

Most of the water in Bangalore comes from borewells there is a lot of minerals present in water which are harmful to hair and skin. There are a lot of minerals such as calcium, chlorine, chloramine, carbonates, and bicarbonates present in Bangalore leading it to hard water.

Which water is best in Bangalore?

These places are best for bodies of water in Bengaluru:

  • Sankey Tank.
  • Kaikondrahalli Lake.
  • Agara Lake.
  • Ulsoor Lake.
  • Madiwala Lake.
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